Tianyou Cloud Games Emulator


Tianyou Cloud Mobile Edition is a very powerful game auxiliary software. Tianyou Cloud Game app has very powerful functions, supports free login and is practical, one-click remote office, cloud save operation, and Tianyou Cloud Game app lets you Play large-scale terminal games online anytime.

Tianyou Cloud Game Unlimited Gold Coins Edition provides players with the experience of playing computer games anytime, anywhere. As long as your mobile phone has data, then you can enter the cloud game through this software to play your game. Low latency, clear picture, up to 1080p60 frame picture quality, let you feel the ultimate gaming experience!


Platform interoperability, In the future, you will get through the accounts of mainstream game platforms and import your games on other platforms with one click. Cooperate with international first-line game manufacturers to introduce high-quality game content open platform.

Just visit any of your game libraries, such as steam, origin, blizzard, etc., to start the games you already own. Yunge is committed to the compression of highly dynamic and highly variable game screens, and has better processing of game screens.

Enjoy a super game console with 1060 and 1080 graphics cards, 16g RAM, i5 or i7cpu. The game platform has supported hundreds of games such as thewitcher3 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Over time, we will add more games.