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The latest version of YOWA Cloud Game is a cloud game service tool launched by Guangzhou Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd. based on the mobile terminal! In the YOWA cloud game download and installation genuine, it is designed to allow players to log in to the cloud server through mobile phones, computers or web pages and play cloud games without downloading and installing, and without performance limitations! Interested friends can come and experience!

YOWA cloud game APP, this is the cloud game service platform provided by Huya!

Here provides a cross-terminal game operation program, which supports users to use mobile phones to operate computer games and expand more game experience scenarios. Committed to letting everyone free cloud games, mobile phones become portable Internet cafes in seconds, and massive console games can be played instantly.

YOWA cloud game APP, built-in game box, thousands of games for you to experience, long hang up and free lottery activities.


Computer games are free to play, no download and no installation required

Sekiro, Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and other computer games can be played anytime and anywhere, and games that eat graphics cards can run smoothly on mobile phones.

The cloud computer is walking and playing, no download and no installation, no lag and no delay, virtual handle, off the device, high-quality game experience, you can have it immediately! Everyone can enter in seconds without queuing, just click and play

any time! Anywhere! Free game! Play as you want! No need to queue up for any game, click and play instantly, log in easily, and enjoy the game.

Ultra-low latency, high-speed and stable gaming experience at any time, no configuration requirements, low-end Android machines can play cloud PC masterpieces without freezing, and web games can be played freely! Professional information super dry guide, real-time update

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